Kurztagung «Creativity in Learning – Revolutionizing Teaching through Design Thinking»


This short conference will be an opportunity to discuss creativity within the disciplines and practice ways of becoming more innovative in our teaching and learning through design thinking.

Our focus will be on Design Thinking as a method for creative resolution of problems. Participants will learn what it is is and how to apply it to practical problems, how to uncover real students’ needs, and how to run quick experiments at low cost to transform organisational culture and embrace disruptive ideas.

Video message by our guest speakers from the Innovation Academy


Date: Thursday, January 19th, 2017, 13.30−17.30h

13.30 Uhr

with Dr. Heinz Bachmann (ZHE)

13.45 Uhr

Keynote «Nurturing Creativity in Higher Education»
Prof. Suzi Jarvis

14.45 Uhr


15.15 Uhr

Two parallel workshops
with Suzi Jarvis and Colman Farrell (Innovation Academy, Ireland)

17.15 Uhr

Closing and Apéro


Keynote Speaker

Suzi Jarvis

Prof. Dr. Suzi Jarvis

Founding Director  of the Innovation Academy and Chair of Biophysics in the Conway Institute of Biomolecular and Biomedical Research, University College Dublin (Ireland).


Following the keynote lecture, there will be two parallel workshops led by Suzy Jarvis and her colleague Colman Farrell from the Innovation Academy. The workshops will address specific aspects of creativity and design thinking.

Colman Farrell

Dr. Colman Farrell

Lecturer at the Innovation Academy. Entrepreneur, Education Designer and Leader now focusing on Re-Imagining Higher Education.

About the Innovation Academy

The conference is held in cooperation with the Innovation Academy, University College Dublin, Ireland. The Innovation Academy has taught Design Thinking and practical creativity to thounsands of students, and engaged in more than 200 industry innovation sprints with SMEs, multinationals, and non-profits since it opened in 2010. Its programme is available on http://www.innovators.ie/.

Workshop at IAPicture from a previous workshop at the Innovation Academy. In 2015, our participants of the CAS Hochschuldidaktik travelled to Ireland to explore the Irish system of higher education. You can find more pictures of this study trip on Flickr.


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